About WhiskyU

Whisky, or Uisge Beatha in Gaelic, means “Water of Life”.

This lifetime of a drop that we enjoy everyday is something that fascinates, and makes one ask, how it became? In this question and this drive for knowledge in creating this special drop, we founded WhiskyU. A place to share this united knowledge that we have gathered all these years. Furthering this, we have combined professional courses with added interactive workshops to answer each stage of making whisky to simplify enjoying that special dram.

In conjunction with Moray College University of Highlands and Islands, we bring you the first professional certified whisky course from a university to Asia.

We drive to bring spirits knowledge to all areas of hospitality, retail industry, and whisky enthusiasts.

Sláinte or to your good health. And look forward to seeing at our next session.

About Us

Carmen Tam

Experienced specialist in alcoholic beverages, with extensive knowledge and skills in appreciation, training, food pairing, sales and marketing of whisky. With over 7 years experience, includes managing over 200 different whiskies, and working for a distillery in Scotland, with in-depth experience in manufacturing processes. The Co-founder of WhiskyU, The Brand Ambassador for the Lost Distillery in Asia Pacific, Advanced Certificate from Wine and Spirits Education Trust, Spirit Judge from International Wine & Spirit Competition in London, and also the Spirit Judge in China Wine and Spirits Awards. Frequent spirits trainer in Hotels and Club houses in Hong Kong, especially whisky.

About Moray College UHI

Moray College is based in Elgin, Moray, Scotland. It is one of the 13 colleges under the Universities of Highlands and Islands.

Moray College provides a wide range of courses, from Management to Fine Art, Computing to Environment And Heritage, from Rural Development to Complementary Therapies. The rich landscape and energetic community of the surrounding area form a key component of many courses, through study tours and work placements.

The college has a commitment to bring out the very best from its students at all the various levels of attainment, and some of its proudest moments are in following the subsequent careers of so many of them. It seeks to provide the skills and knowledge and ways of thinking to shape a new generation, and warmly welcomes students from all places and all walks of life.

Moray College UHI Whisky Course, a fully accredited course that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the world of Whisky. The college is very pleased to have worked in partnership with WhiskyU Ltd. in Asia.


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